Ahwazi Arabs seek self-determination in Brussels



Ahwazi activists attend the fourth New World Summit in Brussels which hosts more than twenty stateless political organisations.

Dr. Karim Abdian Bani Said the Executive Director of Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation participated in the international conference discussing self determination of stateless organization. The conference was held during the 19th to 21st of September.

This important and historic conference was held for the first time at the Royal Flemish Theater (KVS) in Belgian.  The discussion included the right of self determination of the Arab people of Ahwaz and other non Persian minorities in Iran and other stateless organizations around the world. The speakers were invited by the New World Summit in collaboration with UNPO and other international organizations.

The speakers in the conference agenda  included :representatives of political and civil  organizations ,people plying under  the rule of dictatorial governments , newly emerging countries and unrecognized people in developed countries such as: Basque liberation front,Azwad liberation front, Oromo liberation front, the national democratic movement of the Philippines,Free women movement,the Baluch people's party,Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran ,South Azerbaijan coalition ,the national government of the Republic of West Papua and the Kurdish women's movement.










This conference tied to create an adequate space to discuss issues of these peoples and their right to self-determination and launch systems and form new political structures that would enable the various peoples to participate, and obtain political recognition .

During the three days, representatives of organizations discussed the possibilities and obstacles faced by these nations in international community  on 3 aspects :people in "Oppressive state" ,"progressive state" and "new state".

Dr. Abdian discussed the need to grant the right of self-determination to the Arab people of Ahwaz in accordance with the international laws and because of the lack of legal recognition or political representation in the Iranian state. Arabs in Ahwaz suffer from human rights violations and discrimination and are subjected to ethnic cleansing  by the Iranian officials.