Manifesto of Centre for Combating Racism and Discrimination against Arabs in Iran






The Persian Language Academy was founded in 1935 ten years after overthrowing of Sheikh Khazaal, the last ruler of Arabestan, to eliminate Arabic language and other languages of Iranian nations. The Academy worked as one base of Shahenshahi system of Iran. The second Academy was founded during Mohamadreza Shah Era to carry out the same duty. Now, the third Academy of Persian Language of Islamic Republic, the legacy eater of former Academies, follows the same anti-national role in time of nations’ uprising.



Zhaleh Amozegar, the sister of the Shah Prime Minister Jamshid Amozegar and Gholamali Hadad Adel, the father-in-law of Supreme leader son, are members of the Academy. They represent two regimes which try to vandalize languages and cultures of non-Persian nations of Iran.


The aim of the Persian Language Academy whether is chaired by Zabih Behroz or Hadadadel is attempt to turn Iranian Multicultural and multinational society into a single culture society. And indeed, the question here is why only one single language, Persian, from six languages of Iranian nations should have an Academy for Language and literature?

Unfortunately, the arrogant monopolist of the capital did not stop to this limit but they want to annihilate the languages and cultures of millions of Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Balouchs and Turkemans.


The cultural-military leaders (of the Academy) who repeat the slogan of conserving one single language and suppressing other languages forget the fact that their organization is financed from the oil which is exploited from the land of poor Arab people of Alahwaz.

We do not have any hostility toward Persian language and we do respect prominent figures of classic literature of Persian Language who had been influenced by Arabic language but we solely condemn the policies of Persian Language Academy which deteriorate the beauty of Persian language.

The right of education by Mother Language is recognized by almost all international laws and conventions of human rights, for instance: United Nations Charter, Mother Language Charter of UNESCO, Universal Declaration of Linguistic rights (Spain 1996), Declaration of the rights of man and of the Citizen related to Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities rights, Section 3 &4 and Article 4 (United Nations resolution No. 135/47, 1992), Convention on Rights of the Child, Article 30( Act of Child rights committee of United Nations), International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: Article 27( Act 16December 1996 of United Nation Assembly) which all signed by Islamic Republic of Iran.


Furthermore, Article 15 of Islamic Republic Constitution also recognizes the right of education by mother language for Iranian nations. Chauvinists and Islamists of Iranian regime always hamper the implementation of this article.


We believe that the plan of education by non-Persian languages is not related to Persian Language Academy and it is not part of its duty and if President Roohani Cabinet truly want to carry out this plan, they should stand firmly against radical Chauvinists and Islamists, he should not repeat the retreat of Former, president Khatami, who backed away after receiving a letter from a leader of Chauvinists.

Those who want to deny the right of Education by mother language for Iranian nations must know that hampering such plan may lead to more extremism among Iranian nations which can jeopardize not only Persian language but the unity of all Iran.


 In last decades, Iranian nations and Arab nation of Alahwaz have done lots of efforts to fight racism and to achieve their cultural and linguistic rights.

The last sacrifice of Arab nation of Alahwaz, the execution of two intellectuals and teachers, Hashem Shabani and Hadi Rashedi, who strived through this path using poem, literature to achieve their goals but the extremists of the regime instead of appreciating them, gave their order to hang them.

Thus, we urge all cultural, political and human rights organizations and figures to break their silence and take a stand against the non-humanitarian standpoint of Persian Language Academy and other chauvinist parties and organizations.


Centre for Combating Racism and Discrimination against Arabs in Iran

Manifesto No. 17, 4 Feb. 2014